About Us

About To the Nines
Based in Adelaide, South Australia, 'To the Nines' brings to life the creative fashion vision of brand designer Lancelot Patrick O'Neil. The inspiration for the brand was drawn from a love of street wear, the culture of American Hip-Hop and a longing for the Californian way of life.

Focusing on clothing for both men and women, with sleek urban designs, a classic street fashion vibe and a unique LA inspired twist, To the Nines, is guaranteed to earn itself a 'notorious' reputation.

The Definition; To demand respect, notoriety and attention when dressed to the highest degree of perfection.


My Story

From a young age I developed a strong flair for creativity.

Always excited and passionate when exploring design, drawing and architecture. This evoked my interest in bespoke customization of design opportunities to develop.

Throughout my last years at high school I began to invest time and interest into fashion the culture and the psychology that drives brands Always confident in my dress style, I always spent time to create my own original style and dress differently at events & parties, this inspired me, and I have derived much enjoyment exploring this side of my personality. 

Often, I have been motivated by the compliments of my specific style received by all age groups.

This self-expression and creative interest then sparked my interest in the dream of the development of designing and creating my own fashion brand based on this style of fashion – “Street Wear”.


At this time, I had significant interest in street wear fashion brands, Inspired and influenced by key players in the Street Wear industry – Influences and brands such as:


  • Kanye
  • A$AP Rocky
  • Randall Pich
  • The Represent Clo brothers
  • Virgil Abloh


It became apparent I needed to research further Australian brands and labels that were becoming more popular. On close observation and following these brands I always felt as though the fashion was missing or lacking in specific areas for myself personally and the general market as I have come to research.

This fact re inspired me to actually take the control to architect and design a future in the creation of my own designs.

The conception of TO THE NINES has allowed me the scope to reflect on the perfect fashion garments considering all aspects not just the design but the fabrics and fitment which I believe is the most important aspect of feeling comfortable in clothing.

Growing up in a successful business family, I decided to jump in the deep end and give it a go. Creating, designing and running my own clothing business.


From the onset of TO THE NINES I commenced full time designing and planning.

My main focus has been to establish competent manufacturers that could espouse my design principals with care and quality, therefore I invested much time and effort in the creation and building of my brand.


The Name – TO THE NINES was inspired by 21 Jump Street

The name of my brand was one of most challenging aspects of my start up.

I sought opinion and feedback from multiple people in my life of all ages, genres and demographics to feel confident that this brand and the brand name could be set in stone.

My aspirations of perfection started from the name and has continued through all initiatives of my business.

After the first batch of 'pre-season' clothing landed, I launched a self-designed website, invested time in a great deal of promoting as

pro-actively as I could so that TO THE NINES was officially launched.

Since conception, I have reviewed and revised To the Nines regularly to continuously make progress on the brand and stay on trend with market expectations of a progressive and Australian Street Wear brand.

Through social media and promotions, I have networked with key people in this industry which have given me some amazing opportunities and experiences. These experiences have been invaluable to my development as I continue to learn and grow, allowing me the scope and knowledge to continually inspire and develop TO THE NINES to our continuing maximum potential.

It is with extreme vision passion and excitement I forge into the future. It is paramount that everyone who has played a part in my company to date and our new and existing follower join us in this next chapter of the growth of TO THE NINES

South Australia’s next iconic and successful homegrown brand!